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Real-life inspiration

Over February half-term (you know you're talking to a teacher when they break their time into half terms!) I got to visit my parents down in South West Devon, and took the opportunity to visit some of the real-life places that inspired the locations in my novel 'The Worst Christmas Ever?' (to which I'm currently writing a sequel!) I've shared a few of these on my instagram but thought a blog post would be a nice to place to share them all together.

The town where Lee flees after finding out that Nathan has cheated on her is not fictional. Totnes resides in the South West of England, in Devon.

"Rooms available tonight! A sign said in the window of the opposite pub. And, just like the rest of her decisions today, her mind was made for her - she would spend the night in this quirky little town, buy some clothes, have some dinner, and head back home tomorrow. It was just what she needed to get her mind in order before she went home to sort her affairs - or, should she say, her husband’s affairs."

The pub where Lee stays is based on the location of The Seven Stars, in Totnes.

The cafe that Lee ends up in that first day and (SPOILERS!) ends up running, is based on the location of this cute little cafe at the bottom of Totnes high street.

On James and Lee's date, here's the pub I imagine them drinking in.

And finally, a quick shot of Totnes' steep high street!

Have you ever visited Totnes? Let me know your favourite spots - and I promise I will be blogging more regularly from now on!

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