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Oh, the places you'll go!


I was chatting with friends last week about how spoiled I have been in the places I have lived. I've moved around the UK a fair bit since leaving home at 18, and thought I would share some of the great cities and places I have been lucky enough to call home!

South West Devon - where I grew up and where I got married!

Although I decided to leave Devon at 18 to go to university, I still love going home to visit my family and the beaches! It is one of the most beautiful places, I think, in the country, and I feel very lucky to be able to visit so often.

York! I lived here for three years while at university.

I fell in love with York when I visited for the university open day. The campus is full of ducks and geese (who can be quite scary when protecting their young!) and there's a mix of old and new buildings around a lake. The city of York feels magical; so much history. You can walk round the walls, visit the Jorvik Museum, and at Christmas it's especially beautiful. When I visit now I still feel a real draw to York!

Edinburgh! Christmas lights at The Dome.

After getting married, I moved to Edinburgh with my husband for two years. We both love Edinburgh; the history, the buildings, the festivals, the Christmas lights! This photo is from The Dome in Edinburgh which, from the end of October, is decorated in the most amazing and magical Christmas lights I have ever seen. Whilst we lived in Edinburgh, we were lucky enough to experience so many things: walking down the Royal Mile, going inside Holyrood Palace, going to shows in the Edinburgh Fringe, meeting authors at the Edinburgh Book Festival, having spa treatments int he park, walking to the top of Arthur's seat and seeing fireworks, taking part in the famous Princes Street party on Hogmanay (New Year's Eve)... I'm feeling nostalgic just thinking about it! Edinburgh was a long way from our friends and family, but as a city it is one of my favourites in the UK.

Berwick-Upon-Tweed - the northernmost town in England!

We spent a year living in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, situated in the beautiful Northumberland. This move was mainly for work reasons, and while we missed Edinburgh, we were lucky to get the chance to view some amazing scenery. Here I'm in a wooden boat on the edge of the River Tweed, with the remains of the castle behind me. This whole area has an amazing array of castles which we visited - the beautiful Bamburgh, set above a gorgeous beach and Alnwick, where Harry Potter was filmed, among many others. There were also many beaches (which our dog loved!), and city ramparts right outside our front door which we could walk round and see way out to sea.

Bristol! My current home :)

And - who knows how long for! - we live in Bristol. And again, I love it. Here is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of many landmarks. I recently enjoyed (despite a fear of heights!) climbing Cabot's Tower and seeing a great view over the city. We're also only half an hour from Bath, and have visited many literary sights there! But that's a blog post for another day...

Over to you: have you lived anywhere amazing? Have you been to any of these places? I'd love to know!

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