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Backwards and in high heels!

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Having watched the old Ginger & Fred classic 'Swing Time' for the first time last night, I immediately began (as I always do, to my husband's annoyance!) googling the actors, the characters, whether they got on during filming, how they managed to film those long dance scenes with no cuts and no mistakes, and so on. I came across the quote above - that while Astaire was of course fantastic, Rogers did everything he did but backwards in high heels.

It immediately stuck with me; so often in life, and especially in books, films and historical events from the past, women are forgotten, ignored, under-celebrated and under-represented.

In my writing, I always aim to have strong female characters, because that's what I identify with: I am most certainly not a shy wallflower who does as she's told. I have my own opinions, my own views and am the main character of my life - and the characters in my books are too, as their lives begin to get complicated around them.

I am really looking forward to sharing my thoughts on all things writing, film, TV, books and music as I start this blogging journey!

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