Family Portrait

Imogen Meyer has witnessed a murder, and it's something that will haunt her forever. Four years ago her mother died at her father's hand; a few weeks later Imogen was an orphan.

Shunted from care homes to foster families along with little sister Abby, she must start to rebuild both of their lives – and she thinks Ella Kingsley could be their last 


A new home, a new school and a nightmare new family will take some getting used to, but Imogen has run out of options. When she meets the dark, mysterious Zach, she begins to think that life with the the Kingsleys might not be so bad after all. In fact, family life – and falling in love – is turning out to be much less painful than she'd imagined. Being adopted could turn out to be the best thing that has happened to her so far...

Oh, Brother

Lily Afton argues with her brother daily:
about how he always drinks the last of the milk, how he's always using the computer, how he raids her secret chocolate stash and how he embarrasses her in front of his fit mates.

Then Sam's shot.

He dies instantly - but for some reason, Lily can still see him. As the only one he can communicate with, he's got to make an effort to get on with her- and with him constantly around she's got no choice but to start making an effort too.

They are surprised to find they do have quite a lot in common - but Sam can't stay around forever, and Lily is torn between wanting to spend time with her brother and needing to get on with her life. Not only is she dealing with being a teenager, she's got grieving parents and a severe lack of privacy to contend with too.


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